Kids Balance Exercises: One Leg Stand

Kids Balance Exercises: One Leg Stand

Chiropractic care for your kids can greatly benefit their physical and mental development including improving their balance. Kids Chiropractic care is gentle, precise, and effective. Here’s a tip on how you can help your kids improve their balance with One Leg Stand.


Steps for One Leg Stand:

  • Stand on one foot and place your hands on your hips and balance for 5 seconds. Repeat on the other leg.
  • Focus on looking straight ahead at the wall, not at the ground!
  • Be able to do this for 10 seconds without wobbling or falling over


LEVEL 2: Do this with your eyes closed

The ability to stand on one leg is important. When walking, you spend about 40% of your time with one foot on the ground as the opposite leg is moving through the air. The single-leg stance is a simple, but very effective exercise for improving balance.

One Leg Stand



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