While both are mind-body forms of exercise that seek fluid movement and focus on the breath, they’re quite different.
Yoga is more meditative/spiritual and moves through a series of static postures. There are many types of yoga practices, with classes that cater to these.
Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates who studied yoga, gymnastics and martial arts. Pilates works through a series of individual dynamic exercises, with movements that may or may not flow into one another, depending on the level of experience.

This is dependent on many factors, including current level of exercise, history, genetics and the nature of your activity/exercise. It’s important you rehydrate and continue stretching throughout the days following exercise, and contact a medical professional should you have any concerns. 

If you don’t ache it doesn’t mean that your exercise was a waste – You should notice a difference in your headspace, as well as posture, strength and flexibility over time, which is also a great benefit to exercising. 

Absolutely! Just let your teacher know at the start of class so that modifications can be made for you if necessary. If you are injured and/or have acute pain, you should seek clearance from a GP or other medical professional (like a physio or chiropractor) before attending a class. If you’re looking for a class that is generally safe for those with injury or recovering from long-term illness, we recommend beginners Pilates.

If you need to cancel a class, you may do so up to 48 hours before the class begins by contacting us. Classes are not refundable once booked, but you will be able to reschedule your class within the week. Classes cancelled within 48 hours of the class start time and "no-shows" will be lost i.e. you cannot reschedule.

The maximum class size is 13 people per teacher. This allows a good level of supervision and promotes a safer environment to exercise.

Please bring a towel and water. All equipment is provided, however, you’re welcome to bring your own mat, blocks and resistance training equipment should you wish. Please wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movement. We like layers you can take off as you warm up, just be conscious of not wearing anything too baggy - Your teacher wants to see and know you’re in the right position at all times to avoid injury. Clean socks are good to maintain hygiene of the mats. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your class.