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We Specialise In
-Structural Correction
-Pregnancy Care
-Paediatric care

Our holistic approach to health and wellness focuses on the mind and body, with health services that encompass a total body approach.



Discover exceptional chiropractic care on the North Shore, Northcote, where our revolutionary clinic sets the standard above ordinary practices.

Embrace a natural approach to spinal health as we expertly address issues in the spine, nerves, joints, and muscles. From relieving Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain to addressing Migraines, Tinnitus, Jaw pain, Heart Burn, Injuries and other Spinal Conditions just to name a few, our advanced methods extend beyond the ordinary, offering comprehensive recovery for your entire body.

Welcome to a chiropractic experience like no other.

Natal Care

At Revolution, a large portion of the individuals we look after are pregnant mum, babies and children and post natal mums.

Pregnancy and post natal related problems and providing proper solutions for these problems are our forte. 

We know that newborns, babies and children are unique. When it comes to your child’s health, proper functioning of the spine and nervous system is extremely important.


Whether it be purely to Zen out and relax or treat chronic injuries. We begin every single massage with an intention. Our holistic focus is designed to fix and prevent issues at their core, rather than massaging you to alleviate the top layer of symptoms.


Acupuncture has gained popularity as an alternative and holistic therapy for various conditions such as musculoskeletal, neurological, digestive, respiratory, emotional, and many others. Acupuncture needles are very thin and are usually painless.

Revolution has recently had some excellent, highly skilled and experienced doctors and therapists join the team. Read more about our most recent additions below and book in with them to experience their excellence for yourself.


Meet Tyrone Penning – Acupuncturist, Manual Therapist, Massage Therapist

Qualifications: BHSc. Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), GDip. Qi Gong (Breath Training), GDip. Tui Na (Manual Therapy), ACC Treatment Provider

  • Injury rehabilitation, intervertebral disk pathology, neuritis
  • Reflexology for neurological pain & psychosomatic stress
  • Alignment of the spine and peripheral joints
  • Fascia release around joints and muscle attachments
  • Lymphatic drainage and blood decongestion
  • Deep tissue, sports, hot stone, therapeutic, prenatal massage.
  • Animal manual therapy

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