Sitting and Posture Health. Part 3

These are our last 4 tips to help improve your posture and reduce everyday stresses on your body.

7. Wear supportive footwear when standing.

  • Avoid regularly wearing high-heeled shoes. It can affect the body’s centre of gravity and alignment of the entire body, thus negatively affecting back support and posture.
  • When standing for long periods of time wear supportive shoes, or place a rubber mat/anti-fatigue mat on the floor.

Wearing supportive shoes, or placing a rubber/anti-fatigue mat on the floor can improve comfort and posture when standing for longer time.


8. Remember good posture and ergonomics when in motion.

  • Simply walking, lifting heavy materials, holding a telephone, and typing are all moving activities that require attention to ergonomics and posture.
  • It is important to maintain good posture even while moving to avoid injury, walking tall with shoulders back for example.
  • Back injuries are especially common while twisting and/or lifting and often occur because of awkward movement and control of the upper body weight alone.

A proper way to lift objects.


9. Create ergonomic physical environments and workspaces, such as sitting in an office chair at a computer.

  • It does require a small investment of time to personalize the workspace, home, and car, but the payoff will be well worth it.
  • Undue strain will be placed on the structures of the spine unless the office chair, desk, keyboard, and computer screen, etc. are correctly positioned.
  • It’s much easier and less time consuming to correct everyday ergonomics and minimize back or neck pain.

Components of an ergonomic workstation.


10. Avoid overprotecting posture.

  • Remember that it is important to maintain an overall relaxed posture.
  • Avoid restricting movements by clenching muscles or adopting an unnatural, stiff posture.
  • For individuals who already have some back or neck pain, it’s a natural tendency to limit movements to avoid provoking increased pain.
  • Unless there is a fracture or other serious problem, the structures in the spine are designed for movement. Any limitation in motion over a long period of time creates more pain and a downward cycle of less motion and more pain.

Stop using unnatural movements.


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