The Daily Happy Feet Routine

Your feet are the 2 things that take you everywhere throughout your day. Imagine if they were in pain all the time and you couldn’t use them… Ask anyone who’s had plantar fasciitis or any other foot injury – it’s no walk in the park (pun intended).

Whether you’re an avid runner, working on your feet all day or even if you just enjoy the occasional stroll in the park, tension can build up in your feet that may lead to pain, discomfort or even injury. This is especially apparent in people today since more and more people are being put into shoes at a young age and the musculature in the foot begins to waste away since they’re not being used. This leaves the foot susceptible to injury

Getting in the habit of mobilizing your feet for less than 10 minutes a day can help prevent the pinch points in your feet from developing into problems. All you need is a ball and some space to stretch. The ball should ideally be hard like a lacrosse ball or yoga ball, but a tennis ball will do the trick too.

Ready? 3 simple steps.

  1. Start in a kneeling position and stretch the tops and bottoms of your feet.
    Focus on your breathing and go deeper in the stretch on your exhale.
    Do about 30 seconds to 1 minute on each stretch.
  2. Lift your big toe while keeping your little toes on the ground.
    Then reverse and lift all your little toes while keeping your big toe on the ground.
    If you have trouble doing this then you know you’ve got some tight feet. Try mobilizing your toes by separating them with your fingers but putting your fingers in between your toes. Spend about 30 seconds to a minute on each foot.  Watch this video.
  3. Take your ball and start rolling it under the bottom of your foot.
    Start with the ball at your heel and work your way through the arch to the toes.
    Spend extra time on the spots that feel more tense and alternate the pressure and speed. Spend about 1-2 minutes on each foot. Watch this video.

By doing this simple routine every day or as often as you can, you can help prevent overuse injuries in your feet to make them mobile and happy.

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Sitting and Posture Health. Part 3

These are our last 4 tips to help improve your posture and reduce everyday stresses on your body.

7. Wear supportive footwear when standing.

  • Avoid regularly wearing high-heeled shoes. It can affect the body’s centre of gravity and alignment of the entire body, thus negatively affecting back support and posture.
  • When standing for long periods of time wear supportive shoes, or place a rubber mat/anti-fatigue mat on the floor.

Wearing supportive shoes, or placing a rubber/anti-fatigue mat on the floor can improve comfort and posture when standing for longer time.


8. Remember good posture and ergonomics when in motion.

  • Simply walking, lifting heavy materials, holding a telephone, and typing are all moving activities that require attention to ergonomics and posture.
  • It is important to maintain good posture even while moving to avoid injury, walking tall with shoulders back for example.
  • Back injuries are especially common while twisting and/or lifting and often occur because of awkward movement and control of the upper body weight alone.

A proper way to lift objects.


9. Create ergonomic physical environments and workspaces, such as sitting in an office chair at a computer.

  • It does require a small investment of time to personalize the workspace, home, and car, but the payoff will be well worth it.
  • Undue strain will be placed on the structures of the spine unless the office chair, desk, keyboard, and computer screen, etc. are correctly positioned.
  • It’s much easier and less time consuming to correct everyday ergonomics and minimize back or neck pain.

Components of an ergonomic workstation.


10. Avoid overprotecting posture.

  • Remember that it is important to maintain an overall relaxed posture.
  • Avoid restricting movements by clenching muscles or adopting an unnatural, stiff posture.
  • For individuals who already have some back or neck pain, it’s a natural tendency to limit movements to avoid provoking increased pain.
  • Unless there is a fracture or other serious problem, the structures in the spine are designed for movement. Any limitation in motion over a long period of time creates more pain and a downward cycle of less motion and more pain.

Stop using unnatural movements.


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