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You've come to this page to get to know us and what we do, so we're going to tell you exactly that. You won't be disappointed!

Why Revolution ? What's With The Name?

Revolution was born in 2016 with a couple of years of infancy behind it under Baktash Chiropractic. The director of Company Dr Sam Baktash started off treating clients in an office room inside a gym in 2014 and worked towards opening a small chiropractic office in 2015.

As time went on Dr Sam came across many people that needed answers to their chronic health problems who needed proper guidance to getting healthy and functional again that had been neglected and overlooked. She knew that many of these issues could be resolved with Chiropractic care but people just did not know about this hidden gem.

That's when she started to dig deeper, research, study and learn more so she can help her clients more than the average practitioner would. She didn't see the point in just doing what everyone else does, to mask somebody's pain with a couple of adjustments and not really tell them what's going on and what they're going to need to heal and become healthy again. Or to ignore parts of their body that had issues and pain just so she can speed through and see more clients that day. She didn't like to butter up the situation and provide a half strength solution to her clients problems. She wanted to get to the bottom of it and provide a solution that would get her clients to heal properly, functional and healthy again.

She knew that Chiropractic is the answer, but how people would go about it is the real deal.

This is when Revolution was born. We have the art, science and philosophy of restoring balance within the brain and body to restore your health and we go above and beyond to make it happen as long as you are willing to participate and invest in your own health.

Our Core Values

1. Service - We are driven to provide the best quality experience to our clients. We highly value every single client and they are always our number one priority. We also value our community and help provide for charity what we can in terms of monetary or other donations and we value each other (our team) and strive to provide a meaningful experience to them.

2. Quality - We always strive to provide the highest standard of care in any area from providing the best quality chiropractic care or any other type of therapy to the best quality of service given at the front desk and so on.

3. Integrity - We always do the right thing by our clients and staff. We value honesty, transparency and a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, teammates and company.

4. Reputation - As much as we value our clients and staff, we also value having THE BEST reputation there is around. We have built an excellent reputation in our community by consistently providing results to our clients.

5. Growth - We also value growth because with growth we are going to be able to provide more and do better for our community and clients and to the wider community too.

Our Mission

To restore the health and wellbeing of everyone that we meet and to educate and inspire as many people as possible to reach optimal health naturally and drug free.

Our Vision

To show, inspire and provide the knowledge of how easy it is to obtain health once again and/or to remain healthy, well and happy.

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