The 4 Pillars for longevity!


It seems like every few years we have to unlearn some health advice that experts have come up with for longevity.

“Fats are bad… No, they’re good!”

 “Carbs are the enemy! No wait, sugars! What’s the difference again?”

You’d think that after all these years of experimentation, documentation and research that they would have found the answer by now. Well they have… But it’s no surprise fountain of youth or berry found in some remote location. In fact, the answer is no surprise at all. It’s really quite simple and attainable by the vast majority of people (even those that can’t afford organic bananas).


Steps for longevity


1. Sleep well

Ever since we were young we’ve known that sleep is an important part of being healthy, energized throughout the day, and the longevity, but chances are that you’re overestimating the amount of sleep you get! Sleep affects pretty much everything, from your mental state to your digestion, so if you’re doing everything right but still not seeing results, take a closer look at your sleep habits!


2. Eat better

Ever hear the saying “You are what you eat”? Well there’s some truth to that since the foods you eat literally make up your body. When you’re missing important nutrients, your body is more likely to get damaged or fall ill. This is why it’s important to ensure that you’re getting an adequate amount of carbohydrates (vegetables, rice, quinoa, fruits), protein(tofu, legumes, and so on), and healthy fats (nuts and seeds) for longevity. Bacon, sausages and deli meats are not a part of this list as they are not healthy in any amount and regarded as a Class A carcinogen (cancerous) which is the same level as smoking cigarettes.


3. Move more

Exercise signals the body to use nutrients and balance blood sugars, build and repair bone and muscle tissue, and circulate blood,nutrients and oxygen throughout your entire body, including your brain! It’s one of the most incredible things you can do for your health and longevity. We weren’t made to sit around and watch Netflix all day (although there’s nothing wrong with the occasional binge), we were designed to move. So start moving! Whether it be a leisurely walk around the block or an intense Crossfit session, you’ve got to make it a lifestyle. If you’re looking for a community-focused gym that you can get all your needs (cardio, strength, boxing, weights, bodyweight, running, rowing, etc) that’s not full of posers then you should try Priorityfitness.


4. Stress less

Everyone has their own unique way of getting in the zone and escaping from the world for a little bit. Whether it be painting, meditation, having a coffee with friends or cuddling on the couch with your hubby, always make time for yourself to take it slow and really enjoy life as it comes. It’s easy to get caught in the riptide of the fast-paced lifestyle and forget about the little things like personal time and health that can influence your longevity. So always schedule some YOU time and never forget one of the most powerful medicines of them all – laughter.



These 4 pillars have stuck as health clichés for as long as anyone can remember… but they remain so for a reason. Lifestyle habits have a powerful impact on quality of life and longevity. Granted, there are many things that we don’t have control over, but we DO have control over our habits.Going over how to make these habits stick will take a whole other article, but you can get started by ditching the mindset of being perfect and starting when you’re “ready”, and instead become PROACTIVE by starting now (no matter how small the step). We’ll visit each of these pillars in future blog posts to make sure you’re on the right track!


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