Why Is Chiropractic Not a Treatment?

Each profession has an element that makes it unique, it’s reason it holds a niche in the market. At Revolution Chiropractic we take a distinct approach to your health by determining where shifts in your spinal structure exist and correct them as opposed to directly addressing the symptoms you may present with.


Our goal as structural chiropractors is to help your body work “more normally.” because we know that a spine in better structural alignment and movement is stronger than a spine with abnormal structure and movement.


Symptoms like pain, fatigue, dizziness, digestive upset, and so on, are warning signs. This means your body is giving you issues that are building up. Restoring your body to an optimal spinal structure and reducing stress on your system often has the flow-on effects of improved symptoms because your body doesn’t need to warn you of issues anymore.

The goal of the chiropractic adjustments we use is to allow your body to return to a more normal state. Whereas the goal of a treatment like medication or physiotherapy is often to treat the symptom. For example, we wouldn’t say that eating a salad is a treatment for diabetes.


Blood Sugar


The goal of eating more fresh vegetables is to create normal, healthy functions in an individual whether or not they have diabetes. Because diabetic medication seeks to treat the issue, or symptom of high blood sugar. But doesn’t address the cause of the blood sugar being high in the first place i.e. poor diet, over stressed, lack of daily movement and exercise. Is changing the diet in a person with diabetes helpful for their condition? Very much so, because it helps their body move toward normal.


Are we anti-medication or the treatment approach that other models use? Absolutely not! In the case of a musculoskeletal injury using a treatment approach to target weakness and pain alongside a chiropractic approach to normalise structure can be a very effective approach. Or in the case of the diabetes example, a person with dangerously high blood sugar may need medication. To control the symptoms, whilst they educate themselves on making lifestyle choices to take control of their own health and body!


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5 pieces of Fruit and/or vegetables a day!


We always hear that we should be consuming at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day. Have you guys ever stopped and wondered why? They are vital in keeping a balanced diet. Studies have shown that consuming 400g of either fruits or vegetables can have significant benefits for one’s health.


Here are 5 top reasons why you should be eating at least 5 pieces a day.

1) Fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges and strawberries all contain high fiber.

Fiber is important in maintaining a healthy gut. Healthy guts can prevent constipation and many digestive problems. Consuming a high fiber diet can also reduce the chances of bowel cancer. AWESOME!


2) Fruits and vegetables can help you maintain a healthy weight.

They can help fill up your stomach quick. But, because they are low in fat and calories it can help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your heart healthy


3) Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits has shown a decrease in blood pressure.

They contain many important vitamins and minerals. One important mineral that directly affects blood pressure is potassium. Potassium has shown to negate the effects of salt which has a direct correlation to high blood pressure.


4) Fruits and vegetables all contain high amounts of zinc, lutein, vitamins C and E.

These all help to ward off degenerative problems in the eye. Foods such as kale, spinach and oranges can help prevent eye disorders that arise from degenerative processes.


5) For pregnant women 5 a day is just as important.

Folate, which is a mineral found in many fruits and vegetables such as; broccoli, beetroot, citrus fruits and bananas have shown to decrease birth defects in newborns



There are so many other benefits that come from consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits. Different fruits and vegetables contain different sources of vitamins and minerals. To get the most out of 5 a day, you should try to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Fruit and vegetables


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