Structural Chiropractors & Misalignments

How does a misalignment affect you and your health?⁣ & What’s the role of your structural chiropractor in all this?

⁣Here’s all you need to know about what a misalignment is and does to the body and what a properly trained structural chiropractor can do about it.
When a bone in misaligned, it doesn’t have its proper motion and movement that it normally should have. Why is this important and what can a structural chiropractor do to improve your health? ⁣Well without a properly functioning joint, the muscles that surround that joint become useless, they also lose nerve connection to your brain. How? Let’s look at a couple of analogies to understand this. ⁣
1. What happens to the muscles when you break a bone and have to put a cast around it to wait for the bone to repair? The muscles waste away right? They get smaller and weaker. Why? Because without joint activity and movement, muscles don’t need to do anything.⁣
So this is how muscles around a misaligned joint that doesn’t move properly lose their strength. They become weak and are therefore less supportive for your structure, creating abnormalities in your structure⁣
and posture and without the muscle support you will damage joints, bursas, capsules, discs, nerves and all that’s within them. ⁣
2. Muscles and joint have mechano-receptors that send information up to your brain (via your nerves) so that your brain can alter its control of the body / make it more appropriate and better.⁣
Without joint motion and muscle activity, these receptors also don’t work therefore the brain doesn’t have accurate information from the body therefore it does not control the body the best possible way. It’s use it or lose it for the brain, once it’s had a while of lack of proper connection to a part of your body, it will become more and more confused and creates more compensations in your body which causes tightness and stiffness in your muscles which can cause pain. Your pain may also be coming from repetitive trauma on your joints and all the structures within the joint because of lack of muscular support. ⁣

How can a structural chiropractor help?

With all that jazz happening… you end up with all these weak spots deep inside your body, and all these tightnesses and impingements on the surface which can feel better with some stretching, rolling, massage or any technique that releases tight muscles… but the weaknesses are left to cause more havoc inside your body for years to come until you see a structural chiropractor who not only just “cracks” your joints, they will  adjust your entire structure and body to support your spine as well as give you specific structural corrective rehabilitation to help your muscles and ligament actually remodel and get stronger and only then you have addressed the real cause of your imbalances and injuries. ⁣
Dr Sam at Revolution Chiropractic