Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue Presentation

Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue are some of the most debilitating conditions people live with constantly.


NOT to be missed! Get EXCITED, because your life is about to change! Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue presentation is here!

This is so valuable as you can get 10 years of research and knowledge on how to deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue from not just one but TWO amazing health and wellness practitioners. They both have helped thousands of people and start applying it to your life.

About the speakers (Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue):

Sam Baktash - Structural Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Dr. Sam is an overall inside and outside wellness master. She has over a decade of experience in correcting musculoskeletal body conditions, healing from the inside, and improving the wellness and health of her clients. In addition, she has worked with and enhanced people's body composition through training & diet.

Kohei Iguchi - Qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, Darkfield Microscopist.
Kohei is a qualified naturopath and Medical Herbalist. He has been in practice for 6 years and has presented numerous talks to the public, high school students, and college students, both within NZ as well as internationally. As a result, his passion is to raise awareness of natural medicine within the community and promote preventative medicine.

A 1.5-hour presentation By Dr. Sam Baktash and Kohei Iguchi will empower you with cutting edge knowledge on the most effective ways to manage stress, anxiety, and fatigue. After that, you can join our Facebook community group for the follow-up 10-day challenge. It will be in place right after the event to get you to a good start and reset your health and wellbeing.

Topics of the Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue presentations will be on:

  • Nutrition - The importance of food, nutritional supplements, and herbal medicine.
  • Adrenal glands - what's their role in stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and how to improve their function.
  • Mental Exercise - breathwork, relaxation techniques.
  • The Nervous System - re-wiring the nervous system to be in a more calm state.
  • Physical Exercise - rehabilitation, yoga, structural alignment.

- Do you want to live a better more fulfilling life?

- Are the stresses of everyday life getting to you?

- Do you often feel drained, unhappy, or anxious?

- Are you often exhausted, overworked, overstimulated?

- Do you use food or alcohol for comfort, self-reward OR to avoid facing or feeling things?

- Is your adrenal system vulnerable, and fatigue a constant issue for you?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this presentation is for you!

Acquire effective and simple things you can implement into your life today! They will then enable you to cope with daily stress, decrease anxiety, improve chronic pain, benefit sleep. In addition, they will enable you to restore an innate sense of resilience and well-being.


DATE: Tuesday, Dec 1st, 2020
TIME: 6:30 to 8:00pm
VENUE: Revolution Chiropractic
FACILITATOR: Dr. Samineh Baktash - Leading structural chiropractor and functional wellness coach, & Kohei Iguchi - naturopath and medical herbalist.

EARLY BIRD: $20 for the first 10 enrollments
Max Capacity: 25


Other things you will get (other than a wealth of knowledge and power to have an outstanding life without stress, anxiety, and fatigue!):

  • Gift vouchers for both practitioners if you wanted to further improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Booklet of information that's presented.
  • Free organic herbal tea tasting.

Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue