Revolution Yoga


Are you looking for a low impact workout that will help strengthen your core and body, improve your flexibility, balance and also calm and strengthen your mind?

Yoga is the perfect balance of it all.

There are many types of Yoga practices and to make it simple we currently have 3 main types of Yoga with room for expansion.

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What are your options?

Group Classes

Join our 60 min group classes for a yoga class that will balance and strengthen both your body and your mind.

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Private Classes

Do you prefer to have all the focus on yourself or do you have a problem area or a chronic problem you want to fix?

We can offer you 1-on-1 training, Or if you have a buddy you want to split the cost with, that is all good with us.

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Yoga Class Types

Yin Yoga – the mindfulness practice and mostly holding poses that release the tightness in your joints and muscles.

Hatha – the most traditional type of yoga using slow flows and longer pose holds which puts more attention on strengthening the muscles. It’s a well-rounded practice that is a happy medium, infusing elements from various other styles of Yoga.

Vinyasa – a dynamic flow where postures move from one to another in perfect connection with your breath. Vinyasa is as excellent workout for the muscles and the lungs (cardio).

What does Yoga help with?

Yoga will benefit your body & mind in so many ways, when you practice yoga, you’re not only improving your physical health but you’re improving your mental health too which is often overlooked when individuals are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Well, just to name a few, Yoga helps with:

  • Improving posture and balance
  • Improving flexibility and mobility
  • Improving core strength
  • Improving mental health and mindfulness
  • Back injury rehabilitation
  • Other injury rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Increasing muscle tone

Why Revolution?

  • We hold small classes in our boutique studio so you don’t get lost in a big group.
  • We pay attention to every single person that is part of our community and we are familiar with and know each individual by name and nobody ever feels left out.
  • We hold our members accountable to their goals and their progress if they like to be held accountable or are wanting to get to a specific goal.
  • We are friendly and have a big community focus.

Private Yoga Classes are one of a kind. We take you through and give you a program based on what you need to balance the most. We assess this based on the symptoms and problem you display (if you have any).