Revolution Massage

Revolution Massage

Whether it be purely to Zen out and relax or treat chronic injuries. We begin every single massage with an intention. Our holistic focus is designed to fix and prevent issues at their core, rather than massaging you to alleviate the top layer of symptoms.

Check below to see what types of massages we offer.

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Relaxation Massage

A calming massage intended to help you deeply relax and enter a state of Zen. This is a great massage if you have a lot going on up there.

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm massage to release tense and locked muscles. Focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Pregnancy Massage

Pre-existing imbalances in your spine and pelvis become more exaggerated when pregnant. Massage helps your changing body adapt and also allow your growing baby to have optimal development and positioning during gestation. Studies also show that expecting mothers, who have ongoing massage through pregnancy, experience less pain and shorter labour times.

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

A rehabilitative massage intended as a more targeted treatment for specific pain and injury. Your therapist will review the muscles, ligaments, tendons and posture and perform a customised recovery massage for relief and mobility.

Sports Massage

The massage technique is specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Your therapist will target the areas of the body that are stressed from repetitive and/or harsh movements. Often surrounding areas become strained in compensating for the stressed muscle and produce a Lactic Acid build up, this massage will release blood flow and nutrients for healing and relief.

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Massage Prices Private
60 minutes $115
90 minutes (with introductory offer 30% discount new client) $155
120 minutes $190
*Discount packages available (enquire)