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Movement Rehabilitation was created by Dr Sam to help people achieve their optimum functional movement that minimises and prevents injury. These are highly recommended to help people with almost any chronic pain, or wanting to invest in peak functionality.

If you are suffering from restricted mobility, acute or chronic injuries, these Movement Rehabilitation classes are for you. Dr Sam is head coach and Structural Chiropractor with 15 years of experience in the fitness, rehabilitation and the chiropractic industry. She has designed these classes to combine specific spinal and non-spinal rehabilitation exercises, with myofascial stretching of the joints and muscles.

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What are your options?

Group Classes

45min Movement Rehabilitation group class

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Private Classes (Free 30 min Discovery Session)

1-on-1 training, have a buddy you want to split the cost with? That is all good with us.

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What does Movement Rehabilitation help with?

  • Spinal strength and Posture
  • Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • Body Shape and Muscle Tone
  • Mobility, Flexibility and Range Of Motion
  • Balance, Movement Patterns and Gait (walking)
  • Improving ability to do every day activities such as walking, running, gardening, etc.

Our Revolution Promise

We promise to invest in you with the highest integrity and help you move and perform better.