Pregnancy Pilates & Strength Training Classes



Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial during pregnancy and we treat many mum’s to beat our centre.


Pre-existing imbalances in your spine and pelvis become more exaggerated when pregnant. Over the course of your pregnancy, the organ positioning and musculoskeletal system will also shift greatly and it is extremely important that your pelvis, joints, spine and nervous system is healthy, fully functioning and properly aligned for maximum comfort. This also allows for your growing baby to have optimal development and positioning during gestation. Studies also show that expecting mothers, who have ongoing chiropractic care through pregnancy, experience less pain and shorter labour times.


We treat for all stages of pregnancy, including pre-conception and post-natal, simply select your stage and book online. Or talk to us about a scheduling a complete pregnancy care plan.

First Trimester (Pre-Conception to 12 weeks)


This stage we focus on the functioning and flow of mums brain and body. 

Second Trimester(12 weeks to 28 weeks)


Postural changes begin. This is the perfect time to make sure your spine and musculoskeletal system are relaxed so baby positioning is optimal.

Third Trimester (28 weeks to 40 weeks)


Here we give an in-depth review of your neurological and nervous system, posture and anystrain or stress on pelvic ligaments and spinal structure.



If you have any concerns or wanted any final checks to ensure that your body is balanced and relaxed to help provide an uncomplicated labour.



The transition a woman’s body goes through postnatally is huge! Chiropractic postnatal care will help minimise pain and discomfort and rebuild your strength and structure with adjustments. Feeding and carrying your little one may also add pressure on your back and shoulders, post-natal Chiropractic specifically deals with these challenges.

Revolution Post Natal

Giving birth is one of the biggest journeys your body will ever experience. Post-partum is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. Physically, mentally and emotionally, your body has transformed a huge amount of change. That’s why here at Revolution, we offer a complete wellness package for Mothers to Recover, Rehabilitate and Rejuvenate to get you feeling amazing.

Recovery–Month One Post Birth

Weekly Chiropractic Appointments Chiropractic postnatal care will focus on minimizing pain and discomfort you experience as well as rebuilding strength with adjustments, exercises and stretches. During labor and birth, the spine, pelvis floor and core muscles will have been overexerted, leaving everything a bit unstable. Positions during nursing or simply carrying your little one can also put new pressures on your back and shoulders. During this window we will discuss and treat these symptoms as required. Many mothers find post-natal Chiropractic a helpful, warm and caring approach. Aside from the physical transitions, the one month period after birth can be extremely emotional for mothers, so receiving relief from discomfort and support to the nervous systemin a caring and supportive environment is extremely important.

Rehabilitate – Month Two Pilates

Now that your body is positioned for optimal strengthening its time to start weekly Pilates Classes which we hold on Wednesdays at 9:30 with a baby sitter on site. The most important thing to note during Pilates rehabilitation workouts is not to be too hard on yourself, that’s why we have created Pilates classic specific for the post-natal period-just remember you’ve just had a baby and your body needs time to recover! Having now become accustomed to carrying a growing baby, your body now has to readapt to all the bending, lifting, carrying and lowering that comes with caring for a newborn. We design our post-natal Pilates classes to strengthen and realign a mothers body, focusing on the pelvic floor & abdominals, as well as the mind and breath to balance hormone levels, and energize the mind & body.

Post-Natal and Breastfeeding Nutritional Consultation

Month two is the best time to get focused and tune up on your nutrition for yourself and baby. Vitality and Nourishment is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of the postpartum stage of birth and for all sorts of good reasons from growth and energy levels to weight issues, intolerances, and allergies. The new demands, new way of life and the sleep deprivation can leave little time to think about your nutritional need sand breastfeeding diet. Getting nursing nutrition right is especially important for a breastfeeding Mother and her baby. What you eat during this period can affect the quality, nutritional content and flavour of your breastmilk. After your initial consultation to identify needs and outcomes, your nutritionist will discuss and guide you through a program designed specifically to bring you and baby to optimal health.

Rejuvenate – Month Three Post Natal Massage Therapy

We believe this is the perfect time for some delicious pampering! Your tummy will be less tender and hopefully you will be more settled into your new routine. It’s time to take sometime out completely for you, to relax and treat those achy bits.  If you’re anything like the most of us, you’ll agree that a peacefully sleeping baby is worth a little discomfort, often finding yourself dozing or nursing in uncomfortable positions just to get those five minutes. Over time though this can create areas of significant tension through the body, particularly the back, neck and shoulders. Your massage therapist will target and release areas to ease any aches and pains, stretch out tight or sore muscles and help realign your posture. She will also alleviate any stress of the mind with aromatherapy and the power of a gorgeous healing relaxation massage.