Neck Pain and Headaches In Pregnancy

What is a pregnancy related neck pain and headache?

Pregnancy neck pain and headaches usually first start with stiffness that is experienced in the first trimester. This pain may gradually get worse and eventually lead to neck pain and headaches. Sometimes this discomfort may even travel down through to the shoulders as well.

What attributes to pregnancy related neck pain and headaches?

Some reasons include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Biomechanical Changes in the spine
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor nutrition
  • Food

Why does structural chiropractic work so well for pregnancy related neck pain and headache?

The two biggest reasons are hormonal changes that lead to biomechanical changes in the spine. As we mentioned above, during pregnancy hormonal changes take place. This will affect the laxity of the ligaments. This results in joints being unstable.  As a result, this may lead to structural shifts in the spine. As the structure of the spine becomes unstable, joints will become locked up leading to the stabilising muscles to gradually become weaker. This means that there will be less and less joint support. Structural chiropractic helps as it accurately locates where the misalignments and structural shifts are occurring. By restoring proper motion and function in the joints and structure in the spine, the joint’s stabilising muscles  become stronger and provides the spine more stability. This results in more spinal stability thus putting less stress on muscles around the shoulders.

Proper joint movement also facilitates proper nerve function within the body as well. Many headaches are caused from nerve dysfunction. By restoring proper movement, nerve function will be restored. So if the pregnancy headaches are caused by improper spinal movement, structural chiropractic will definitely be able to help with this as well.