Breech or Posterior Baby

What is a breech or posterior baby?

Before a mother gives birth, the baby should be in a head down position with it's back towards the tummy of the mother.  This process happens naturally just before giving birth. This is the safest way to give birth as there is less risk and pain for both the baby and the mother. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When the baby does not manage to flip to a head down position (breech) or has their back towards the mothers back (posterior) before birth, complications can occur as it becomes much harder for the baby to come out on their own.

We recommend you start to pay attention to your baby's position by week 32 of pregnancy at least as when the baby grows bigger, it gets much harder to turn the baby. If you know that your baby is in a breech or posterior position and you're approaching week 32 or beyond please get in touch as soon as possible as the likelihood of turning your baby naturally and gently is very high.

What attributes to breech or posterior baby?

Some reasons include:

  • Misaligned pelvis and lower back misshaping the pelvic girdle therefore the baby's head doesn't nicely fit into it.
  • The misalignments making the hip muscles and round ligaments tighter and not allow adequate space for baby to move around freely.
  • Too little amniotic fluid (baby is unable to direct it self correctly)
  • Too much amniotic fluid (baby is unable to be still as there is too much fluid for it to float in.)
  • Fibroids

Why does structural chiropractic work so well for breech or posterior baby?

Structural Chiropractic helps with the alignment of the spine, including the pelvis. Having a structurally correct aligned pelvis is crucial before childbirth. This is because, it gives the baby the most optimal space to be in be in the best position for labour. Additionally, it also allows the baby to grow in the most optimal pelvic position. As a result, it is healthier for the baby and they also won't be subjected to misalignments of their own spine (being stuck in weird positions) which can cause pain and discomfort for them inside and outside the womb.

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