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Advanced Bio-Structural Correction also known as ABC is one of the newer chiropractic techniques. This was developed by Dr. Jesses Jokowitz in the early 1990s. The technique is based upon the theory that the subluxations (or misalignments) cannot be fixed through the body’s own muscles. These subluxations according to ABC usually occurs anteriorly as a result it can cause extra pressure in the spinal cord in the area. As these, subluxations cannot self-correct, it can lead to compensations to form above or below the subluxated segment. This is what makes ABC unique as it is the only chiropractic technique that addresses subluxations anteriorly. ABC also addresses the meninges. The meninges, which protects the central nervous system, is the inner lining of the spinal canal and skull, it also encloses the brain and spinal cord. This layer can become stuck on bony surfaces due to everyday stresses such as repetitive injuries and trauma no matter large or small. This can result in the formation of scar tissues in the spinal cord. Which can also increase pressure on the spinal cord. This is where ABC comes into place as there are special adjustments, only unique to ABC, which can break up and eliminate these scar tissue to optimise the function of the nervous system.
Diversified is one of the most used techniques among chiropractors. As the name suggests, it is remarkably diverse in its adjusting method. This technique is one of the oldest techniques and was actually developed by the founder of chiropractic DD Palmer in the year 1895. This technique is more traditional in its approach as it mostly considers subluxations and misalignments to only occur posteriorly. It also heavily takes into account of the body’s natural biomechanics by looking at the angle of the facet joints in spine and making adjustments accordingly. Thus, when using this technique, often the adjustments are made to help address facet misalignments and subluxations. Diversified adjustments are all high velocity, low amplitude thrusts. This just means the adjustments are extremely fast and shallow allowing for maximum comfort and results.

Gonstead is a chiropractic technique developed by one of the most well-respected chiropractors Clarence Gonstead.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead

Dr. Clarence Gonstead dabbled in the mechanical world before becoming a chiropractor and it is because of this unique experience that he managed to develop some of the chiropractic tools that we now use today.

What makes Gonstead unique?

What makes the gonstead technique extremely unique and useful is the x-ray analysis. Many chiropractors who do not specialise in the Gonstead technique also use this method of analysis. This method of analysis allows for millimeter precision of what’s going on in the spine and pelvis.

Another uniqueness about the Gonstead technique is that this is the only technique that takes into account on how the discs can cause misalignments in the spine. This resulted in the technique being mainly designed for maximising disc affect while correcting misalignments at the same time.

Gonstead Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. J Clay Thompson was the developer of the Thompson technique. Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Thompson was an engineer. It is due to this background that inspired him to use on of the most common tools in the chiropractic world; the drop table. The drop table utilizes Newton’s first law, the law of inertia, to adjust subluxation or misalignments. This technique is based on leg length equality which reflects the state of the nervous system. When the legs are uneven, this shows that there are imbalances in the nervous system. This technique focuses on the detection and the correction of subluxation which causes the most abnormal proprioceptive information between the brain and the spine. This is often shown in the leg length inequality. The goal of this technique is to check, adjust and re-check the spine and the nervous system is balanced. As a result, this equates to balanced leg length and a better functioning nervous system.
The Activator technique was first developed by Dr. Arlan Fuhr in 1976. Ever since then it has travelled around different parts of the chiropractic world and now has become one of the most used chiropractic technique and tool. Although the instrument may seem small and you may not hear a ‘crack’ after the adjustment, do not underestimate the influence it can have on the body. Due to the small contact point of the activator, it allows for very precise and accurate adjustment in the subluxated segment. Additionally, the small area combined with a loaded spring inside the instrument allows for enough force to realign your spine. The Activator technique is perfect for people prefer more gentle techniques. This is because it does not require the patient to be bent and twisted in unnatural positions. This is also great for patients who are osteoporotic as the force of the instrument can be adjusted accordingly to suit each patient’s needs and requirements.
Firstly, congratulations on getting pregnant and getting ready to have a new addition in the family! Some mothers are not sure whether going to the chiropractor during pregnancy is safe. Rest assured it is completely safe for woman to be adjusted during pregnancy. Your chiropractor will make alterations on the table and modify the technique to ensure the process of being adjusted is safe for you and the baby inside One of the many benefits about being adjusted during pregnancy is to allow for better pelvic alignment. This is especially important for the growth of the baby inside. If the pelvis is aligned properly, it ensures that the baby will have the optimal space for it to grow in. This also, allows a higher chance for a smooth and natural birthing process for the mother as the proper space can prevent the likelihood of breech birth. During your adjustment, the chiropractor is most likely to use the Webster’s technique to adjust mum. This is because the Webster technique focuses on sacral realignment as well as the release of the round ligament. By doing this it allows for better connection between the brain and the rest of the body whilst aligning the pelvis for optimal space for the baby to grow.
First question that many may ask is at what age can a child start seeing a chiropractor. Well the answer is the first minute when they are born. This is because they already have a nervous system. Apart from having a healthy spine, chiropractic is all about enhancing the connection of the nervous system and the body. By starting at an early age, it gives your child an advantage as it can get the spine and the nervous system to develop correctly and smoothly at an early age. Chiropractic has been proven to help children who are suffering from sleeping difficulties, reflux, suckling problems, persistent crying, torticollis, bed wetting for older children and many more. Many of this is caused by subluxations interfering with the nervous system. By removing these interferences, it allows your child’s spine and nervous system to communicate correctly. You may wonder how my child is going to be adjusted and checked. Well, depending on the age of the child, the examination and adjustment will change. But for children between the ages of 0-5 different reflexes will be checked to see how the baby is developing. Once they hit the of 5 and over, the exam is a bit more similar to a normal adult exam. Adjustments, to younger child are usually performed with an activator which is a very gentle tool to adjust your child. This allows for optimal adjustments as child’s bone structure are not fully developed and it does not take much to stimulate the nervous system.
Sacro Occipital Technique also known as SOT is a chiropractic technique developed in 1925 by Dr DeJarnette. As the name suggest this technique is originally about the relationship between the sacrum and the occiput. This technique has been adapted now so it can also be beneficial for children. This is where some of the chiropractors at Revolution Chiropractic can help you with. SOT for babies focuses on the development of the baby’s cranium or skull. The skull of a newborn is often different to adults as they have 6 bones rather than just one. The bones at this stage is often very soft and malleable. This is where chiropractic and SOT comes in. SOT focuses on the position of these bones to ensure the brain has optimal space and environment to develop properly. And as many of us know, the brain is the main control centre of the body and the central nervous system. This makes proper growth at a young age extremely important so you child can perform at his/her best. SOT on babies is an extremely gentle technique. It is not really an adjustment or massage. Rather it is a series of hand movement which guides the bones in the occiput.
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