Our Classes – Yoga

Hatha Yoga

The most common and popular type of yoga, Hatha Yoga represents a yoga practice that balances the polarities—the sun and moon energy, the light and the dark—within oneself. It’s a well-rounded practice that is a happy medium, infusing elements from various other styles of Yoga. A great class if you’ve practiced Yoga before, or one to attend with a friend.

Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic flow where postures move from one to another in perfect connection with your breath. The process is so smooth that it can feel like there are no pauses, which is why it’s often called “Flow Yoga”. Vinyasa Yoga classes are always mixed up and different, so they’re perfect if you want something new every time. There is a focus on strengthening and stretching the body with this type of yoga, so it’s also ideal for those who want to get in shape.

Contemporary Yoga

Described as a more freeing yoga, Contemporary Yoga incorporates slow-paced Vinyasa Flow with the inclusion of free-flowing movement throughout. You’ll focus on breathing and meditation, while having the freedom to move, discover and express what feels right for you at the time. Contemporary Yoga is a good class for those more experienced, and a great way to release and explore your practice.

Restorative / Yin Yoga

A slower-paced practice, Yin Yoga goes deeper than Flow Yoga to target deep connective tissue in the body including ligaments, bones and joints. Yin Yoga involves passive stretching and encourages you to completely relax in the pose for a longer period of time. You’ll use props like yoga blocks, blankets and bolsters to help and will walk out feeling relaxed and aligned - A great practice for mindfulness, and a good challenge too.

Power Yoga

Designed specifically to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance, Power Yoga focuses on the physical benefits of yoga and skips heavy elements of meditation and spirituality. The poses are challenging, and you move from one pose to the next in quick succession, focusing highly on cardio, flexibility and building stamina. This is a physically demanding type of yoga practice, sometimes using resistance bands and weights.