We now have nutrition at Revolution in Northcote

With Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutrition and our Rehabilitation Studio offering Yoga, Pilates, Core and Rehab classes, you are basically getting everything you need at Revolution!


How does Revolution help with your nutrition?

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your current nutrition and health concerns. You will receive a personalised nutrition plan that includes health goals and dietary changes.

What is Nutrition?

It is all about understanding the relationship between diet, health, and disease while studying how the human body can utilise the nutrients that are found within food. It studies the way people can utilise their dietary choices to decrease the risk of disease, what happens if a person has too much or too little of a nutrient, and how allergies work.

A nutritionist uses concepts from molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to understand how human bodies can be affected by nutrients. Nutrients can also provide nourishment.

Nutrients are things like:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Water

With the correct nutrient balance in a diet, people can reduce the risk of developing certain health conditions.

Nutrition at Revolution
Nutrition at Revolution

Our Nutrition Consultant

How can a nutritionist help you?

Nutritionists are important because they can help you develop a safe and realistic eating plan that you can stick with for a long period of time.

Some reasons from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics you need help from one could be that you:

  • Want Help Managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Other Chronic Diseases
  • Are Thinking of Having or Have Had Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Have Digestive Problems
  • Are Pregnant, Trying to Get Pregnant, or a New Mom
  • Or Your Child Is Experiencing Disordered Eating
  • Need to Gain or Lose Weight
  • Are Caring for an Aging Parent
  • Want Practical Lifestyle Advice
  • Want to Improve Your Performance in Sports
  • Realize the Need to Feed Your Family Healthier Foods but You Do Not Cook

Throughout history people have found the remarkable effects of changing what we eat to benefit us in so many ways. Natural Healers have fascinating stories from 400 B.C  right up until recent times. From studying and experimenting with different foods, humans have discovered vitamin's and nutrients our bodies need to have a healthy lifestyle accompanied by the types of foods that have these abilities. "Dietitians and nutritionists first worked in hospitals in the late 19th century as the role of good nutrition in health began to be accepted." but now in this modern day and age, large amounts of us are starting to open our eyes and actually think about how nutrition can affect our health and benefit our lives.

Nutrition at Revolution


Nutrition Prices ACC Private
Nutrition Initial Consult $150
Nutrition Follow Up Consultation $80
*Discount packages available (enquire)