Dr Samineh Baktash

Sam is a very passionate chiropractor, giver and carer. She truly believe the amazing power of chiropractic and makes sure she delivers excellence to every single person that comes under her care because she wants people to see how amazing chiropractic truly is. She is a mother to a little girl named Aleecia, and 3 fur babies named Mila, Gizmo and Tino. Sam loves being a mother, and she also loves being a Chiropractor and helping people thrive, be happy and healthy on all levels.

Her maternal instincts and her love and care for kids has led her into specializing in pediatric Chiropractic. She has completed 85 hours of post-graduate education certified by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (National) Ltd, an approved assessing body of the Chiropractic Board of Australia in the field of Chiropractic Paediatrics. For Sam, there's nothing more satisfying than helping today's children thrive, develop and progress optimally and she sees this in her practice every day.

Other than completing her studies and training in Chiropractic, Sam has also completed a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. She has excellent knowledge and expertise in this field and can always recommend exercises that will help you with your goals. She has been able to help and assist many people with their sports and exercise, rehabilitation, building strength and weight loss, and she is extremely passionate about helping people in this way as well.

Sam believes a balanced life of Chiropractic care, daily exercise, nutrition and proper rest is key to optimal health and well being and she certainly practices what she preaches.

Sam is an avid animal lover and spends any extra time she has to help rescue or volunteer for animal charities in New Zealand and other countries all year round.

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