Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage  | Revolution Chiropractic and massage

Our team at Revolution Chiropractic fully understand how challenging pregnancy can be mentally, emotionally and physically as most of us have been there not so long ago. Our massage therapist, Binz, has also worked in a pregnancy clinic and has helped many pregnant mums to be with pregnancy massage. Pregnancy massage helps with muscle aches, pains and cramps and is a great benefit for upper back pain, lower back and hip pain as well as neck and shoulder tension.

Good news – massage can help you feel better!

It is a fantastic, safe, gentle and natural way to relieve your symptoms.

In addition to the physical benefits of massage, massage has a positive influence on the state of mind of the mother, and therefore her baby.

Pregnancy massage is a form of relaxation massage which requires specialized training. Binz is fully trained, and we use special massage wax created for women during pregnancy.

Useful Acupressure Points to Relieve Labor Pain

The use of acupressure and acupuncture for labor pain relief is well known. Stimulating these selective acupressure points during the early stages of labor can help in reducing back pain and support and assist the body of the birthing mother to prepare for the delivery process.

Your therapist can discuss what accupressue points are helpful to what stage you are at in your pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, or would like to spoil the pregnant woman in your life, call us today to book your pregnancy massage.

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45 minutes $75
60 minutes $85
75 minutes $95
90 minutes $105
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Pregnancy massage  | Revolution Chiropractic and massage