Kids Balance Exercises: Tight Rope Walking

Are you looking for a Kids Chiropractor? Click here to book a complimentary consult with us to see if we can help your child. ??Kids Balance Exercises: Tricky Tight Rope Walking

??This is a step up from last week’s tight rope walk. This week you have to cross your arms over your chest so you can’t use your arms to balance!

Chiropractic care for your kids can greatly benefit their physical and mental development including improving their balance. Kids Chiropractic care is gentle, precise, and effective. Here’s a tip on how you can help your kids improve their balance.


STEPS for Tight Rope Walking:

1. Walk forward along the line with your feet as close together as possible, making sure your heel touches the toe as you step forward.
2. Make sure your head is looking up, not at your feet!
3. Walk ten paces forward on the tight rope then ten backward without falling over.




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Tight Rope Balance - Free photo on Pixabay