Client Testimonials

My approach to my health prior to seeing Anastacia has always been influenced by health trends and pressures that have focused largely on aesthetics and reactive measures. The first session with Anastacia was really revolutionary for me – we focused on the basics and getting to the root of my experiences with my body, energy levels and relationship with food, sleep and pressure. She provided me with so much clarity around various parts of my health journey and what impact that has had on my current experience around weight, sleep, stress management and my menstrual cycle. I don’t feel like a stranger in my body anymore – and that has truly changed so much of how I treat and look after my body today. My herbs and medicines are all tailored to me and easily changed when Anastacia picks up a change in my health or lifestyle. I’ve set some really simple but effective actions in my daily life to reset my health as a result of our sessions and I’m really excited to see where the year ahead will take us. - Ashleigh

From the first meeting, it was clear that Anastacia was the real deal. Her approach covered all the complexities of life and somehow captured my concerns that spanned across multiple places, spaces and decades. As our working relationship has grown, she has known exactly when to provide gentle encouragement and when to firmly hold me accountable. In just a few months, my sleep is better than ever, I’m incorporating meaningful movement back into my routine and allowing my creativity to flourish." - Chanelle

With Anastacia's guidance and knowledge, my long and arduous journey to health is finally being realised and coming to fruition. For 30 years, the root cause of my many issues was unknown and dismissed. Within a couple of weeks of working with Anastacia, we begun to see an improvement and reduction of symptoms! Our entire family has appreciated her support and care. - Natalia