Bedtime Stretch Part 2: Dog pose for hamstrings

BEDTIME STRETCHES: Up/down dog for hamstrings (2/7)

Combining stretching with gentle breathing before bed is a great way to calm your nervous system to prepare for sleep and work on mobility at the same time. This is an easier variation of the classic up/down dog because if you are tight in the back and hamstrings like me, the classic version is rough.

STEPS for up/down hamstrings stretch…

1) Place your hands on the bed with your feet about half your body length or so from the bed.
2)Keep the knees and elbows STRAIGHT and move the hips backward as you EXHALE to stretch the BACK and HAMSTRINGS.
3) Hold the stretch and INHALE.
4) Keeping the knees and elbows STRAIGHT now move the hips toward the bed as you EXHALE to stretch the FRONT of the body.
5) Hold the stretch and INHALE.
6) Repeat step 2 through 5 so you hold each position 10 times.

As with day one you BREATHE OUT as you change position. As you hold the hamstrings stretch you BREATHE IN. Then BREATHE OUT again as you revert to the original position.


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