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Step 1: Complimentary Consultation ACC Private
 Associate Chiropractor Complimentary
 Principal Chiropractor Complimentary
Step 2: Full Structural Examination, Doctors Report Of Diagnosis ACC Private
 Associate Chiropractor $110 $130
 Principal Chiropractor $210 $230
X-Rays If Indicated ACC Private
 Associate Chiropractor Referred out
 Principal Chiropractor Referred out
Step 3: First Adjustment & Explanation Of Doctors Report, A Program Of Structural Corrective Adjustments & In Office Rehabilitation ACC Private
Associate Chiropractor $40 $60
Principal Chiropractor $50-80

(Time Dependant)


(Time Dependant)

*Seniors, Students, Kids - Fees Differ

Revolution Is A Wellness Clinic Located In Northcote, Auckland.

At Revolution, we offer Structural Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Massage. Our chiropractors are highly trained to analyse your unique biomechanics from head to toe and determine the actual cause of your pain. 

We have also just opened our new studio where we have various classes for Yoga, Pilates, Movement Rehabilitation, and Core Strengths. See our timetable and book a class at a time that suits you.


Structural Chiropractic

We help strengthen Your Spine And Body, Reversing Injury And Damage.


As a naturopath, medical herbalist and holistic nutritionist, Anastacia is able to create bespoke health protocols.


We perform a comprehensive analysis of your current nutrition and health concerns.
Chiropractor for Pregnancy


We are providing a massage service very soon so make sure to check back for updates!


We are so excited to be offering 5 different types of yoga classes (varying in levels), in our sunny Northcote studio.


Pilates is an effective low-impact workout that emphasises your body’s core. Come take a class!

Movement Rehabilitation

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your current nutrition and health concerns.

Core Strengths

We are providing a core strength service very soon so make sure to check back for updates!


Our team has numerous years of experience in the chiropractic field and health and fitness industry and are all very passionate about how they can help you. Meet some of our team below.

Dr Sam Baktash

Dr Sam Baktash

    • Chiropractor (BChiro, BSc, Advanced Bio-structural Correction, Paediatric Chiropractic, Animal Chiropractic)

    • Currently Dr Sam sees specialist/health professional or family/friend referrals only.

  • You do not need a referral to see Dr Sam if you are pregnant or wanting to book in your child/animals.

Dr Natasha Marriage

    • Chiropractor (BChiro). Natasha is a graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, and is passionate in assisting people of all ages reach their optimal level of health.

    • Natasha understands the stresses that sports and exercise can place on your body, and can educate you on how to minimise the effects of this stress.

  • Get checked by Dr Natasha to see if your spine is affecting your health and performance today. Your first appointment is complimentary!
Takako Kambayashi

Takako Kambayashi

    • Power Receptionist & Chiropractic Assistant. Takako came from Japan and now lives with her kiwi family on the Shore.

    • She is a health and wellbeing “Otaku” (Otaku is Japanese for someone who is obsessed with something).

  • Takako enjoys meeting and chatting with clients and watching the great work that our doctors do.
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Serving thousands of people in our community. We serve all ages all with different health needs including:

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