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Kids Milestones

What is a learning difficulty?

A learning difficulty is not only when your child finds it a struggle to retain knowledge. It could be a complication comprehending, understanding or understanding knowledge. All the problems listed can delay your child’s learning abilities.

It is also important to understand what your child is struggling with too. Some children may struggle with numbers whilst others may struggle with reading and writing. Once those problems are identified it is much easier to work out the strength and weakness of your child’s learning capability. More importantly, it makes learning more fun for you child.

What attributes to problems absorbing information?

Multiple factors can bring lead to learning difficulties, including:

  • Genetics (eg. ADHD, Dyslexia)
  • Using phones or devices at too young of an age
  • Concentration issues
  • Physical injuries (concussions)

Why does chiropractic work so well for learning problems?

Learning difficulties may occur when the baby’s nervous system is not in a balanced state. There are two states in the nervous system for everybody; parasympathetic and sympathetic. Parasympathetic is then the body is a friendly, unstressed, rest and digest mode. While sympathetic is the opposite where the body is constantly in unease, stressed and fighting for survival. The human body is designed to be in the parasympathetic mode 80% of the time and the remaining 20% in the sympathetic mode. However, when the child is going suffering from learning difficulties, the state of the nervous system will be unbalanced.

For example, if the sympathetic nervous system is out of ratio compared to parasympathetic, it may lead to struggles in concentrating (not just in not just in reading/writing) or constant fidgeting. And vice versa, if the parasympathetic nervous system dominates the body too much, it can lead to a lack of motivation when it comes to learning. These factors can delay your child’s learning ability. This is where chiropractic can help, Chiropractic aims to work with the nervous system through the spine. By adjusting the spine, we can help restore the balance of the nervous system which may gradually assist in improving learning difficulties.