Kids Posture and Balance

Kids Posture And Balance

Kids Posture And Balance

What is good posture and how it affects balance in kids?

Good posture and balance (especially in kids) is something that is starting to gain more awareness. It is important to develop good posture at a young age. This will allow your child to grow in a better state and have a better structure. This can result in better stability as the curvatures of a properly structured spine can help your child distribute all sorts of stressors that he/she goes through during growth. If the structure of the spine is not optimal, not only posture will be affected, balance will too as the biomechanics of the body will be altered leading to unnecessary stress on the body.

What attributes to bad posture and balance?

Multiple factors can bring lead to bad posture, including:

  • Repetitive movement
  • Static positioning
  • Lack of exercise and movement
  • Phones, tablets, laptops
  • Poor ergonomics

Why does structural chiropractic work so well for posture?

Structural chiropractic works great for posture because it looks at the root of the problem. If we look at the reasons listed above, all the issues stem from locking of the spinal joints thus leading to improper movement. Structural chiropractors are trained to find where all these issues are and unlock the joint so the joints can function correctly thus leading to spinal strengthening from the inside. This can allow the child to develop proper curvatures in their spine where needed. This can also make it easier for extensor muscles in the spine to fire and develop, as a result, it will be easier for your child to stand and sit straight. At the same time, it allows for proper weight distribution too.