Babies Sleep & Chiropractic

Babies Sleep & Chiropractic

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is crucial no matter for babies or adults. This is when the baby develops physically so they can grow bigger and stronger. Sleep is also crucial for brain growth too. During the day, your baby is receiving so much new information that it needs time to process. Sleep is when the baby is able to process everything that he or she has learnt that day. Additionally, sleep is when the different systems of the body (eg. Immune system, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular etc.) also develops and matures. Finally, if your baby is able to sleep more it also helps the parents out too. See a chiropractor that can help your baby by booking an appointment with us.

Why does chiropractic work so well for helping your baby sleep better?

Each day a baby takes in a lot of new information. This can be overwhelming for the baby. As a result, the nervous system may go into overdrive. This can cause your baby to be anxious, agitated and irritated thus causing your baby not to sleep well. Chiropractic for babies and adults has been proven to regulate the nervous system through gentle adjustment of the spine, as a result, it’ll improve the chances of your baby getting a good nights rest.

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