Babies Milestones


As each baby develops there are certain milestones that need to be met. Milestones are things like when your baby is supposed to roll over, crawl, walk, talk, potty train etc.

Looking at milestones is a good objective way to measure how your baby is developing and whether he or she could be lacking some things compared to baby’s around the same age. If so, it may lead to learning difficulties, social/behavioural issues or even physical disabilities in the future.

What attributes to milestone delays in babies?

Multiple factors can lead to delayed milestone achievement, including:

  • Misalignment of their spine and skull bones
  • Birth Trauma
  • Poor nutrition
  • Accidents and falls
  • Environmental injuries during pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Poor stimulus
  • Environmental issues

Why does chiropractic work so well to enhance baby's development and therefore hitting their milestones without delays?

The first thing that grows in a baby is the nervous system. Everything that they learn, see, feel, touch, hear and smell goes through the nervous system and is processed by the brain (also part of the nervous system). After integrating all the new information, the baby grows and adapts to their surrounding. It is because of this; the baby can grow to meet these milestones. However, if there are interferences within the nervous system, the baby’s development will be hindered as not all the information can be processed fully and efficiently. By adjusting the spine ever so gently using specific cranial, sacral and spinal techniques we allow the nervous system  to function efficiently and cohesively. This can help your baby meet the milestones and develop as healthy as possible!


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