Babies Latching/Feeding Issues & Chiropractic

Babies Latching/Feeding Issues & Chiropractic

Babies Latching/Feeding Issues & Chiropractic

What is a latching issue?

Once your baby arrives in the big new world, he/she will definitely get hungry at some point and as a mother breast feeding is the next task. All mother’s around the world would want breastfeeding to go smoothly for both the baby and themselves. Unfortunately, that is not the case all the time.

A latching issue is when the baby is not being feeding properly, this can cause the baby to bite or chew on the nipple rather than gently wrapping the gum around and sucking softly. This can be uncomfortable for both the mother and the baby. The mother will have sore nipples and the baby will struggle being fed

What attributes to latching issues?

Multiple factors can bring lead to latching issues, including:

  • Poor positioning of mother – Sitting up straight, hunching over doesn’t help
  • Baby’s body and head is not straight
  • Baby’s body is too far
  • Flat or inverted nipples

Why does chiropractic work so well for latching issues?

Chiropractic works great for both the mother and the baby in this instance. Research has shown that chiropractic care helps with firing the extensor muscles in your back. This is extremely helpful for mother and baby as these extensor muscles are responsible for the keeping the back straight. This is extremely helpful on the mother’s side as it allows the mother sit up straight while feeding which leads to easier distribution. Of course making sure the baby is well aligned at a young age also helps with feeding too. It allows the milk to flow through everything smoothly making sure that the baby does not struggles during his/her feeding process. This is why we encourage both baby and mother to get checked after birth to make sure everything functions smoothly right from the start.