Babies Immune System & Chiropractic

Babies Immune System & Chiropractic

Babies Immune System & Chiropractic

What is an immune system issue?

Your baby doesn’t need to have a cold to show that their immune system or bodies defence is compromised. Allergic reactions is also a sign of weakness in the immune system. A baby’s immune system doesn’t develop until the age of 3 months.

Before the baby is born, the baby gains it’s immunity or defence from the mother through the placenta. However, afterwards the baby’s defence system is supported by the mother’s breast milk. This is why, breast feeding is encouraged in the first 6 to 12 months after the baby is born.

What attributes to weak immune system?

Multiple factors can cause a weak defence system, including:

  • Genetics
  • Poor diet from mother
  • Restlessness

Why does chiropractic help this?

Proper spinal function is crucial for the body’s development, especially in a baby. This comes from helping the baby develop a proper spinal structure from the start.  The first system that is developed as a foetus is the nervous system. This is because, it controls everything from the development of the cardiovascular system to the immune structure. Chiropractic helps with the function of the nervous system while correcting the spine. If the immune issue is caused by the dysfunction of the spine or interference of the nerves, chiropractic can help restore proper role of the immune system.