Babies Colic

What is colic?
Colic is when a ‘healthy’ baby is frequently crying intensely or being fussy. This can make parenting more difficult as the baby could suddenly throw a temper with no apparent reason. Additionally no amount of comforting or consoling will seem to calm the baby down.

Why does this happen?
Baby’s have a limited way to communicate how they are feeling. Apart from crying, smiling and laughing that’s really about it. Although there is no obvious reason as to why, we can agree that the baby is possibly not in the most comfortable state. This can be due to allergies and other intolerance. Another reason could be nerve interference and spinal discomfort. Although young babies have to go through plenty of stress in their spine. During birth process, their small heads and body are often squashed in order to emerge from the mother. Because of this, the function of their spine is often compromised, as a result, their nervous system is distorted. This can lead to spinal discomfort improper communication between the brain and the body. In other words, the baby is crying for better and more efficient spinal and nervous system function.

Why does chiropractic work so well for colic?
Structural Chiropractic helps with the alignment of the spine. This includes the spines of babies too. Even babies have a range of that is normal. Structural chiropractic helps restore the integrity of the baby’s spine through a series of gentle adjustments. This results in proper spinal function and allows for the nervous system to function effectively. This may help with the baby’s constant irritation that may be contributing to colic.

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