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Most chiropractors focus their practice on the temporary relief of musculoskeletal symptoms, utilizing a combination of chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and other modalities to help people feel better.

Our practice focuses on a specific type of chiropractic that we refer to as “Structural Correction”. The primary concern of Structural Correction is the functional relationship between the spine and the nervous system. When the spinal or pelvic bones shift out of position, they interfere with the nervous system which leads to dysfunction in the muscles, organs, and glands. Over time, this Structural Dysfunction can create a variety of Secondary Conditions.

Most conventional approaches consist of treating the Secondary Condition, usually through therapy, drugs, or surgery. Many other “natural” approaches focus on treating the symptom rather than the underlying cause.

In our practice, we focus on correcting the underlying Structural Dysfunction. This allows the nervous system to regulate, coordinate, and heal the body as intended. Doing so allows the muscles, organs, and glands to work appropriately so the Secondary Conditions can heal. Our gentle approach is appropriate for adults, pregnant women, children and everyone in between.

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