STEP ONE: Consultation, Structural Examination & X-Rays (45-60 minutes)

On arrival you will be required to complete a Patient Intake Form which will help us understand your health concerns. Once completed, your Chiropractor will go through a detailed health history and perform an appropriate spinal, orthopedic and neurological examination so we can diagnose what’s going on with you. We will also use our Spinal Analysis Machine to accurately measure your current structure and spinal balance. We may also refer you for further examinations such as x-rays if required to get you the best possible care and results.

The major purpose of the examination is to analyse the condition of your spine and nervous system and how it is functioning, locate any areas of subluxation, and rule out any contraindications. If your case is not suitable for chiropractic care you will be advised accordingly and referred to the appropriate health care provider.

STEP TWO: Doctors Report, Complementary Lifestyle Recommendations & First Adjustment (45 minutes)

In this appointment, you will recieve your first corrective adjustments by your Chiropractor. Your Chiropractor will also explain your customised report that includes your diagnostic findings, chiropractic care plan and other complementary lifestyle recommendations such a corrective exercises and stretches, ergonomics, supplementation, getting quality rest and so on!

STEP THREE: Structural Corrective Adjustments & In Office Rehabilitation (10-30 minutes)

The process of correcting spinal misalignments is called an adjustment. By applying a specific and precise force in the right direction, changes in the position and motion of spinal bones can be made. Over time this process helps correct abnormal structural and neural patterns. Generally, the longer the problem has been present, the longer it takes to fully correct.

After your adjustments you will then complete the rehabilitation procedure as it’s set for you in our office before you leave.

The specific techniques chosen will depend on your age, condition and comfort levels. Our Chiropractors are highly trained professionals and have a range of techniques to suit individuals from newborn to the elderly.

Your follow up visits are scheduled in advance to help you achieve the best results possible.


If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation or you would like to discuss how Chiropractic care can benefit you and your situation, please call 09 418 3718 , email, or book online today. We would love to hear from you and let you know how we can help!

Samineh with a client at Revolution Chiropractic | Appointment information