Chiropractic Appointment Info

Step 1: Complimentary Consultation (30 minutes)

  • The first step in determining if we can help is to schedule a complimentary consultation so you can meet with one of our doctors, review your case and see if an examination makes sense.
  • At Revolution Chiropractic, our approach is different from traditional chiropractic care. Our focus is on Structural Correction using the Advanced Bio-Structural Correction Method.

Step 2: Full Structural Examination, X-rays if indicated, Doctors Report of Diagnosis:

With a detailed explanation of your spinal/body condition

Doctors Report of Complementary Lifestyle Recommendations:

Including but not limited to *rehabilitation exercises and stretches, *sitting/standing posture, *sleep improvements, *nutrition improvements, *supplementation.


  • Our comprehensive examination is focused on identifying core problems that may be affecting you in ways you can feel, but more importantly, in ways you likely have no idea about. If a core problem with your spine and nerve system is uncovered, a customised care plan will be designed specifically for you.
  • We recognise there is always a person behind the problem. We guarantee to always treat you like a human being, not the next number on the assembly line.We don’t have the solution to every health problem and we guarantee that if we believe you are not in the right place to get the care you need, we will find you the best health care professional to help.We know you only want to work with the best. With over 10 years experience, you can rest assured that all of our doctors are highly trained to restore your structural balance.

Step 3: First Adjustment & Explanation of Doctors Report (40 minutes)

In this appointment, you will receive your first corrective adjustments by your Chiropractor. Your Chiropractor will also explain your customised report that includes your diagnostic findings, chiropractic care plan and other complementary lifestyle recommendations such a corrective exercises and stretches, ergonomics, supplementation, getting quality rest and so on!

A Program of Structural Corrective Adjustments & In Office Rehabilitation (10-30 minutes)

The process of correcting spinal misalignments is called an adjustment. By applying a specific and precise force in the right direction, changes in the position and motion of spinal bones can be made. Over time this process helps correct abnormal structural and neural patterns. Generally, the longer the problem has been present, the longer it takes to fully correct.

After your adjustments you will then complete the rehabilitation procedure as it's set for you in our office.

The specific techniques chosen will depend on your age, condition and comfort levels. Our Chiropractors are highly trained professionals and have a range of techniques to suit individuals from newborn to the elderly.

Your follow up visits are scheduled in advance to help you achieve the best results possible.

Samineh with a client at Revolution Chiropractic | Appointment information