Following an initial care phase at Revolution Chiropractic we frequently offer what we call a Protection Plan. This is a tailored plan of Chiropractic checks designed to maintain, or protect, the positive changes we have worked to achieve in your spine.

The majority of issues we find in the spine are due to months, or more commonly years, of cumulative stresses to the body. Dysfunctional movement patterns of the spine become ingrained in the brain and Chiropractic adjustments along with spinal exercises aim to rewire the brain so-to-speak as well as allow muscle, ligament and tendons to heal and function properly.

After the initial care plan is complete we expect your spine and nervous system to be much stronger, functional and more resilient to stress, however it won’t miraculously be invulnerable to the future impact of poor posture, repetitive strain or shear bad luck.

I like to describe it this way, your initial care phase is designed to unravel the effects of past stress whilst your protection care plan is designed to help you move more smoothly into future stresses.

A Scandinavian study published in 2018 compared the effect of scheduled maintenance care (what we call a Protection Plan) versus seeing the chiropractor only when pain occurred and how this affected the frequency of bothersome low back pain (i.e. pain that affected the ability to do desired daily activities. The maintenance care group had nearly 2 weeks less bothersome days than did the control group in the year.

Now this study didn’t show that low back pain was completely eradicated in these chronic back pain sufferers but they did gain more days on which they were able to do what they wanted, unhindered by their pain, which is a win. As with any scientific research piece it is somewhat limited in its scope, in this case it only looked at low back pain in chronic low back pain patients, which is far from the only group of people that we work with in practice!

Pain is something measurable to an individual, but we must also consider the potential effect of a spine that is more mobile and putting less tension on the brain and spinal cord on the overall capacity and well-being of a person. We see it frequently, better sleep, more mobility when playing sport or just doing regular physical activities and fewer headaches just to name a few! Of course different people respond differently and everyone has the choice about how they want to manage their health care but we will continue to make available (and personally utilize, yes chiropractors need chiropractic too!) maintenance care in the form of our Protection Plans.

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