Chiropractic for Running Injuries

At Revolution Chiropractic our structural chiropractors are equipped with the tools necessary to help you run better, recover from your running injuries faster and prevent running injuries before they even start!

During the assessment, the structural chiropractor will obtain information about your running habits. They’ll look at your gait, biomechanics, footwear, strength, mobility and spinal health. Since all the tissues in your body are interconnected and depend on each other for function like gears in a machine, it’s necessary for the structural chiropractor look at all of these components to address your body as a whole.

They will take all this information to develop a personalised care plan that will help you recover and provide you with the necessary education and tools to prevent re-injury.

Your care plan may include adjustments, active rehabilitation, and exercises. You may also receive nutritional advice to reduce inflammation in your body and facilitate tissue healing.

If required, your Structural Chiropractor may give you advice on footwear and other external factors such as running surfaces and frequency. They will teach you exercises to address muscle imbalances and improve your technique.

If necessary, they will refer you to other professionals that will complement your care and get you better faster.

If you’re a runner then you know that going through an injury can be a huge nuisance and interfere with your regular running routine. That’s why we recommend strategies that promote prevention and optimization.

Call us today to book your complimentary consultation with one of our experienced practitioners who will assess your mechanics, analyze your running habits and provide you with an individualized care plan to prevent injuries.


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