Get Out Into Nature

Weekend getaway

How good does it feel to get a long weekend escape from the city and go to the bush or the beach? Judging by how empty Auckland got as Easter and Anzac day collided I think most of us wish we could spend more time in the beauty of nature!

We ll experienced the relaxing and revitalizing effect of nature, and there is a growing body of science behind the health benefits of getting outside among the trees.

A Japanese study on spending time in forests showed a decrease in cortisol levels (a stress hormone), decrease in sympathetic nervous activity (your fight and flight system), decrease in blood pressure, and decrease in heart rate.

Measurable effects on the immune system have been shown in another Japanese study on an activity known as forest bathing. It sounds weird, I know, it simply involves spending time in the forest whilst smelling wood essential oils. A significant increase (23%) in activity of natural killer cells (immune cells) was found from this activity. Even after a month of returning to city living these effects were maintained!

Take every opportunity it get outside by visiting parks, beaches, walkways and the bush. There are so many places to go in Auckland to escape the feeling of being a caged animal indoors all the time and best of all the great outdoors gives you these effects for free!

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