Sciatica: Forward Bend

⚡️When rehabilitating a lumbar injury or sciatica it is vital that you learn how to bend forward to pick objects up properly. Often its poor movement patterns repeated over time that lead to a weakened state that causes the injury in the first place.

⚡️Use this movement drill to find your limit in the early stages of rehab. You can progressively load this movement in the later stages of your recovery to increase strength and bulletproof your back! Make sure to do so under the guidance of an appropriate professional as every person is different.

1. Stand with feet hip width apart, stand tall in a neutral posture.
2. “Break” at the hips, moving them backward as you bend forward.
3. Keep the spine engaged in a straight position.
4. Once you reach your limit where the hamstrings are too tight slowly return to the top position.

⚡️NOTE don’t push yourself too far that it is increase your pain! Stay in a relatively pain free range of motion. Hamstring tightness will be a limiting factor at the end of your range. The more you do this the more mobility you will gain. Do this for 10 reps multiple times through the day.


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