3 Reasons Why You Should Exercise As You Get Older

For many years we have the heard the term “use it or lose it.” This term seems to be the best way to describe the problems we face as we age. There have been many researches showing the correlation between inactivity and diseases and disorders in the elderly population. Our muscles are quite important as we get older, they can provide the body with amino acids which can be used as energy for various organs. The maintenance of strong muscles is crucial for preventing metabolic diseases and aid in healthy aging.

Reduced risk of falling
Falls can be a major risk as we get older. Around 30 percent of elderly people aged over 65 falls at least once a year. So what should you do to prevent your muscles becoming weaker? Exercise of course! Some people believe that exercise may make you more prone to falls. However, that is a common myth and it is quite the opposite. Exercising can help improve overall strength, co-ordination and balance making you less likely to fall. Research has shown that physical stress placed on our bone structure during exercise can stimulate the growth of new bone tissue as well making it less likely to fracture.

Improvement in mental health
As we get older our brain function can also decline. Being active as we get older can help improve brain cognition, prevent memory loss and can help with multitasking. Physical activity may also help slow the progression of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Helps you maintain a healthy posture
As we get older and we do not stay active, our spinal muscles that surround our spine become weak. The spinal muscles help stabilise our spine and keep it erect. However, with a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles that hold up our spine can weaken, ultimately creating a structural shift within the spine itself. These structural shifts can cause damage to the spine, discs, surrounding ligaments and muscles leading to constant pain.

Many people often are stuck with the mindset that exercise can only be done when we are young. Well research shows different. It is never too late to exercise, many of the benefits that come with exercising can be obtained once started. Inactivity can rapidly decline a person’s health when we’re older. Start exercising now and watch yourself feel 100 times better straight away!

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