Revolution Team

Private training 3 x week for 12 weeks & a complete overhaul of your eating habits and fortnightly check-ins and tweaks to your nutrition plan.

This challenge is not for everyone but anybody who is SERIOUS about improving their health in all aspects are welcome to contact us.

A Complete Health Revolution. Not just for fat/weight loss but also for physical and mental health.

We will help you get physically and mentally fitter with our range of health professionals and coaches that will be specifically assigned to you to help you achieve your goals and correct any health issues.

Health issues can be things such as:

  • ♦  Being overweight
  • ♦  Wanting to improve physical strength or mobility/flexibility
  • ♦  Wanting to improve injuries (chronic or acute)
  • ♦  Wanting to improve pain (chronic or acute)
  • ♦  Heart disease
  • ♦  Diabetes
  • ♦  Stomach issues
  • ♦  Digestion issues
  • ♦  Heart burn / acid reflux
  • ♦  Liver problems
  • ♦  Kidney issues
  • ♦  Chronic fatigue
  • ♦  Hormonal issues
  • ♦  Sleep disturbances
  • ♦  Depression
  • ♦  Others

We do this all by working alongside your Medical Doctor.

Full consultation to figure out your exact needs, what you want to achieve and what's most important to you. You'll also have a full tailored nutrition plan with recipes and meal plan.

We focus on creating healthy minds & bodies.

NOT the usual tactics used by others, but the BEST way to get healthy!